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See Shocking Conversation a Man Found Hidden in His Wife’s Phone | Photos

See Shocking Conversation a Man Found Hidden in His Wife’s Phone | Photos

Relationship expert and blogger Joro Olumofin shared screen shot images of a married woman’s conversation with another man that were sent to him by her husband.

According to the sender, he wanted Joro to show it to the world so Nigerians  would be aware of what marriage is today as he could not contain the ache in his heart.

Revealing that his wife had recently been acting strange, the sender disclosed that she had been denying him sex and avoiding all necessary domestic chore.

This made him suspicious and led to him seizing and checking her mobile phone. Just as he suspected, she had been cheating.

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See screenshots below:


The conversations show that the woman’s accomplice was aware she was married, as she always talked about her husband to him.

The accomplice even suggested to the woman not to be with her husband intimately. This shows the level to which their relationship has gone. So disrespectful!

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The heartbroken husband revealed that he was done with his wife and had sent their child to stay with his own mother, and even though this hurt him, he would get over it soon.

More screen shots below:

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Anytime a story about infidelity comes up, the man is often the offender while the woman the victim of pain.

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Unfortunately in this case, the woman is a proud offender. Whatever made her turn her back on her husband, we might never know.

What do you have to say about this – should he work on his marriage or let go? Drop your comments.

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  • He should forgive her, take her out and ask her what went wrong. Cook her favorite meal and dress hot for her before she returns home. Above all, he should pray for her. No be only woman dey keep marriage.

  • The man should lose weight to look attractive to her, greet her politely in the morning and when she gets back from work. He shd thank her immensely for the littlest gifts, when she’s angry he shd avoid adding more talk but be quiet till she calms down.

    Overall, he should watch war room and learn to pray for all strangers to be removed from between him and his wife. Best time is 12:00 midnight to 2:00 am.

    He needs to do some serious soul searching to find out why his wife strayed. He needs to be patient, forgiving and prayerful.

  • As for me he should forgive her,there must be a reason 4 her action,the man may not give her much attention and thats what women want,like me,i am planning to do what that woman did bcos i hav just realize one thing in this life,we all need to be happy,if ma hubby is happy wtout me i should also make myself happy wtout him.

    • I was waiting for something like this. Women do it. Always thinking of cheating. If your husband is not doing the needful you should call his attention to it. Discuss it not jumping into the hands of the next man on the street like some who’re.

  • It’s really simple, he should do all those easy things they advice women to do when their husbands cheat on them, not forgetting to fast and pray, always dress sexily, always talk to her nicely , try to find out nicely from her what he’s doing wrong and be ready to make amends, assure her that hehe’ll be a good husband from henceforth, treat her people right and continue to pray and believe that one day she’ll change. Good luck to him

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