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Through The Eyes of a Child: Only If My Mum Knew That I Was Not Demonised

Through The Eyes of a Child: Only If My Mum Knew That I Was Not Demonised

As a child, I was labelled stubborn, heady, disobedient and demonised all because I stood up against an adult in the face of injustice.

I was not outrightly disobedient to my parents but I did not back down when I was unjustly served. My father and I enjoyed a close relationship because I was like him in many ways and a symbol of hope to him as one who could stand up for the family.

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Our home was constantly invaded by strangers in the name of Pastors. My mother always had to have Pastors she consulted with and gave her all kinds of visions and revelations and in return, she paid their bills. I didn’t like the kind of control these ‘men of God’ exercised over my mum and consequently over our home. So in my own little way and from my child’s mind, I revolted.

While I fully and wholeheartedly participated in our family’s morning devotion, I would grudgingly participate when these pastors were involved in any prayer. I also resisted any type of instructions they gave my mum that involved my siblings and I. I deliberately disobeyed their instructions because I didn’t trust them. I tried to speak but my voice was silenced by my mum while my father would listen.

Not long after, I was labelled ‘demonised’. The pastors told my mum that I was demonised and largely responsible for most of the challenges befalling my family at that time. I was therefore taken to every man of God accessible to my mum to cast out those demons. I remember submitting myself to prayers as everyone started making me think there was something truly wrong with me, even my siblings. Deep down, I knew I loved God with all my heart and feared him but I was not afraid of those pastors.

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Before my father died, he said to me, “you have a voice, use it.”

After my father passed away and my mother could no longer keep up with the cost of sorting out the Pastors, they all abandoned my mum when she needed them the most. By then, I was already a teenager and had to start taking responsibility for my own well being. I had to assure my mum not to worry about me that I would do my best to not only survive but to also thrive and that I did God helping me.

I sponsored myself through the University, got a job afterwards and rose in my career. It was by no means easy but it was doable.

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Today, I have grown up to become a mother of strong willed children and instead of labelling them, I seek to hear them out and understand them.

Your children love you and are rooting for you, so listen to them.



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