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“Dressing Modestly Doesn’t Stop an Attack”- Gabrielle Union Discusses Her Rape to Spread Awareness

“Dressing Modestly Doesn’t Stop an Attack”- Gabrielle Union Discusses Her Rape to Spread Awareness

Gabrielle Union, the “Being Mary Jane” star has once again shared her thoughts about sexual abuse following a series of messages she posted on Twitter about harassment and assault in women.

Union spoke about her own rape experience, reiterating that the victims should never be blamed for what happened to them. According to her, there are several reasons why women stay silent after the abuse, including shaming and blaming, loss of a job, and fear of retaliation.

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Union also stressed that dressing modestly does not stop an attack. This was reportedly her reaction to “Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik’s comments in the New York Times. Bialik wrote that to avoid sexual assault; she made it a point to dress carefully and avoid flirting.

Union recounted that when she was 19, she was raped at gunpoint while working at a Payless shoe store. She said she was wearing a long tunic and leggings that were in no way revealing.

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Union has always been vocal about her support for the victims of sexual harassment. A year ago, she wrote an article for the Los Angeles Times. The actress also wrote a book titled “We’re Going To Need More Wine,” which will be released soon. She said that this was her way of spreading awareness about the matter.

“Each time I tell the story is a revelation that I need to keep sharing since there’s so many more victims than survivors,” Union said.

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“They need to know healing is a process — a slow process like moving a boulder uphill with one hand tied behind your back, but there is hope. I will never stop sharing, and I will try to educate as much as I can for the voiceless and for people who didn’t get my treatment.”

Hopefully, her words will keep the discussion going and help more people realize that women — and their clothes —are never at fault for being sexually assaulted.

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