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Dear MIMsters: Why My Heartless Husband Wants To Divorce Me

Dear MIMsters: Why My Heartless Husband Wants To Divorce Me

Dear MIMsters, this group has really taught me a lot, may God bless the brain behind this great vision. I just want to share on why my heartless husband wants to divorce me and seek your advice on what to do.

Remember that I wrote in earlier, telling everyone how my husband was bent on divorcing me, and okay with rendering his children fatherless. Well, he has given me, and my family a condition for him to withdraw the divorce letter. What do I do?

My husband has said that the only condition for him to withdraw the divorce letter, is that my parents have to beg his mother, that was after my father pleaded and the church pleaded, but he still went ahead and served the letter.

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I have been in this abusive marriage for the past eleven years. I have endured humiliations, public assaults, physical and emotional abuses. I sought spiritual counsel for prayers. His claim was that I wanted to kill him.

When nothing was working out, I thought of walking out of the marriage, but I am jobless. He didn’t allow me to work, and I am a graduate. I tried looking for job, but they were asking for sex and I couldn’t do it. Thereafter, I met a guy who was willing to help set a business up for me without asking for sex, my husband got to know about him and he accused me of infidelity and being fetish.

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This was when the divorce letter came in. after begging him, his mum and his sister, he insisted my aged father should go crawling to his mother, only then would he withdraw the divorce letter.

Here are the pictures of the physical abuses I endured.

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  • Why are you bent on remaining in an abusive relationship because you want to retain your marital status. You are getting it all wrong. Why not think of your sanity and your children’s future. If you don’t leave the relationship, you might not grow, are you afraid of challenges? I guess you are thinking of where you are going to start from. You should begin from somewhere and begin to see God alone as your source and not your husband. It is only God that is infallible. Do not put your parents through such humiliation of going to beg so you can remain in an abusive relationship. Now you should begin thinking of the getting a job or business to support yourself and your children. There is still going to be a life for you after divorce. This man is not your source of living. God will never forsake his own. He will send destiny helpers your way. All you need to do is believe and receive and It will surely come through for you.

  • Please don’t tell me you are considering to allow your dad beg his mom. Why is he treating you like a slave or a nobody? Please accept the divorce letter and let him go his way. Do you want to keep enduring the abuse?

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