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Dear MIMsters: Is Finding Love Really This Complicated?

Dear MIMsters: Is Finding Love Really This Complicated?

Hello Mimsters, I’m not sure what to do anymore. Is finding love really this complicated?

I’m worried because, I am not in any relationship. I’m 23 years old, I’m a virgin, I’m well mannered and I’m disciplined and about to start my HND. When I was in secondary school, I fell in love with a guy who use to womanize a lot. We lost contact, but I never allowed him have sex with me.

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After that, I met another guy that I ended up falling in love with, he was a corper. He accepted a “no sex” relationship, but was also a womanize. I believed he wanted to marry me. It took me a year before I realized that our relationship was going nowhere.

Different prophets warned me not to have anything to do with him because he was occultic. It was revealed to me, and my mum also, but she wasn’t aware of it. I accepted him, but it was obvious he was no longer interested in me so, I left him.

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Guys keep coming, but I am not interested. One wants me, but I don’t love him. I’m worried that people would start to say because I don’t have a boyfriend, I would not be able to get married. Should I force myself into a relationship I am not really interested in, should I accept someone I do not love, just because I want to get married? Please advice me.

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  • The issue here is not that you are not able to love or find someone, it could be you’re not ready psychologically or emotionally for any relationship for now, and you are just trying to force yourself because of some pressure or so. Give yourself time. You are just starting HND, concentrate on that. I commend you on your stand on no sex relationship. Hard decision but sensible. Give yourself time and stop the worries.

  • Never have I seen such desperation at 23. My dear enjoy life and love will find you. Stop finding love.

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