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Dear MIMsters: I Am At A Crossroad and Don’t Know What Path To Take

Dear MIMsters: I Am At A Crossroad and Don’t Know What Path To Take

Hello mimsters, I’m stuck at this crossroads and do not know what path to take. Do I forgive my fiancée’s mother for her inconsiderate behavior towards me, obey my parents on this matter or give in to my fiancée’s pleas?

All the while I was pregnant, up until I gave birth, my fiancée’s mother never checked on me or bothered to ask how I was. At a point, she told her son to deny his baby and move on, but he refused. He even told me to abort the pregnancy, but I refused.

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My parents are upset that she refused showing up, even though I didn’t tell them all the nasty things she said. Now, his mother is pleading to see my daughter, her grand child who is now a year and 7months old. Her father can’t take her to his mother unless we both agree to do that.

He is pleading with me to allow his mum see her, but my parent would be upset with me if I agree to it. They insist that she has to come and see them before they can allow her see our daughter. My fiancée and I already live together, but I am at a cross road.

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My parents helped us when we had our daughter, it was very hard for us. He wants me to plead with my parents to give their consent. and also for me to allow his mum see her. The bitter truth however Is, I hate his mum.

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  • Would you be comfy leaving your child with someone you hate? Please obey your parents. How come she’s interested in seeing the child all of a sudden ?

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