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What’s the Idea Behind Homework for Kids? Frank Edoho’s Wife Shares Her Views

What’s the Idea Behind Homework for Kids? Frank Edoho’s Wife Shares Her Views

Former host of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ Frank Edoho’s wife, Sandra Onyenaucheya- Edoho feels giving assignments to students is stress on the parents.

The mother of three shared a letter she wrote her son’s teacher over an assignment given to the 3-year-old and it is in form of a question.

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In her letter, she asked the teacher what the idea of giving a student assignment is, when it is the parent/guardian that gets the work done.

Good morning,

Please what is the idea of giving a student assignment when it is the parent that gets the work done? For instance, the cut and paste or DRAW assignment.

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A 3-year old cannot obviously draw sense organs, so how can he get it done without the parents drawing it for them?
Yours Truly
Torrence Mom

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See the letter below…

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Very good question she asked… MIMers, let’s discuss.


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  • U thought I was the one only one that finds homework given to nursery pupils ridiculous. I mean they can’t do it themselves, most parents that do these homework do it themselves.

  • Such a thing happens because some of the teachers do not have educational qualification and as such does not know what to teach a child at a particular age. This is what is obtainable in some private schools today. The management will employ teachers with SSCE so as to be able to foot their bills. May God deliver our generation.

  • Hmmmm, yes they can’t do it themselves at home, neither can they do it themselves at school. Especially for the first timers, thethe pre nursery kids. Their teachers usually guide them using so many techniques one of which of course is holding their hands. It’s wrong to do homeworks for them, parents guide. Homework i s to help the child remember and re-practice whatever skills they learn from school while at home. It improves their psychomotor. It tells u what the child can do or otherwise. It helps parents assess the level of participation in class. Meanwhile every mother is a teacher, the difference is that they are informal.

  • Moreover, homeworks help children bond intellectually with their parents. My annoyance is the volume or number. It should be commensurate with the demands of their age and class..

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