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Nigerian Secondary School Where Men Pay N5000 to Sleep With Students Exposed

Nigerian Secondary School Where Men Pay N5000 to Sleep With Students Exposed

It has been revealed, in an investigation carried out by The Cable, that a security guard employed to safeguard the students of Federal Government Girls College (FGGC) Langtang, Plateau State, has been pimping out its female students for just N5000 or less.

The security guard could easily pimp girls to strangers, in any case, as the school premises is not properly protected.

A federal government-owned boarding school, and a girls-only for that matter, should ordinarily have strong security, especially with the school located along a bushy suburb of Langtang.

“People walk through the school premises unchallenged,” a member of staff explained, adding that a former principal had attempted fencing the school but could not raise the funds.

“It has become a shortcut for staff and people who now walk through the school to the main road and or their houses. And sadly, there are some boys who come in through the unfenced area to steal items from the girls’ lockers.”

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Picture if the hostel with a broken fence and no protection from outsiders

The guard, whose phone number was easily acquired through an acquaintance of the reporters, assured that getting female students out the hostel was “no big deal.”

According to The Cable, their reporter had gone undercover as a businessman looking to find company during his stay in the state.

The two parties – the reporter and the guard – met at a guest house the latter claimed was familiar to the female students, Bani Guest House.

Over a meal of rice, the guard informed the reporter the students were rounding off their examinations, and the outgoing students would be perfect for the meet.

”I am giving you outgoing students. There are some writing exams, it’s just to get a clue to know them and ask if they can do this for me. There are girls who do runs but the issue is money,” he said.

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Read according to The Cable,

The guard gave an insight into how he organises “runs” for the teenagers for a fee, and how this is a common practice. This investigation also exposes the rot in the once-prestigious Unity School, where students use water from an untreated well, sleep on broken beds, study in hostile classrooms — and live practically unprotected from predators.

You are in Langtang, Plateau state, for the weekend and need a schoolgirl for the evening? Someone is ready to help you make the arrangement for a fee. You can even have more than one girl if you choose. There are plenty of them at the nearby Federal Government Girls College (FGGC). The love-vendor is actually paid to protect the girls, but that is by the way.

Girls queue to fetch well water early in the morning

The guard whose phone number the reporter had collected from an acquaintance consistently beat his chest and gave assurances that getting girls out of the hostel “is no big deal”, and it was soon obvious that the love-vendor had been in the business for a long time.

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Bani Guest House, a popular lodge along the Langtang highway, is well known to the girls, the guard said. He explained that most of them do attend Sunday evening parties at Bani, where their boyfriends come to wait for them.

The reporter had disguised as a visiting businessman in need of girls to spend “a nice time” with. He promised to pay the guard more than what he would ask for. All the “big man” needed was a guarantee of a swell time. The excited guard called endlessly, excessively delighted with the business at hand.

TheCable ran into a little bad luck along the way — the timing of the visit coincided with when the SS3 girls were writing their exams in July 2017, and other classes were on vacation. But, not to worry, the guard was ready to pull the strings all the same.

Settling over a plate of rice ordered for him at the guest house, the guard told his would-be customer that girls in SS3 who were rounding off their final exams would make the perfect picks.

“I am giving you outgoing students,” he said, his face loosening into a smile. “There are some writing exams, it’s just to get a clue to know them and ask if they can do this for me. There are girls who do ‘runs’ but the issue is money.”

The guard, who was quick to request for money so he could move round and also “sort out” the girls’ transportation, revealed that there are a couple of schoolgirls who are into the act of sneaking out of the school premises.

”You’ll discuss how much you’ll give them,” he said, pocketing the N5,000 the reporter had given him as upfront for the task.

”All those girls are small girls and they don’t know money much. If you treat them well, they will look for you if you’re still around.”

The guard left his duty post for hours, he was moving round the school, searching for girls who could be available under the tight deadline.

“I have arranged two girls now, and they will come to meet you when they are done with their exams today,” he would later say on phone.

The girls eventually did not turn up as planned — they wrote their papers late and feared coming out of the school could jeopardise the other papers the following morning, the guard explained. They would turn up after writing the day’s papers, he said with an air of certainty.

One of the newly graduated girls, who later spoke with TheCable, said this particular guard is the go-to man pimping girls to strangers.

“He used to be a kitchen staff,” the girl said. “He impregnated one of the girls in the hostel, you know the hostel is close to the kitchen, and I think as a punishment, he was moved from the kitchen to the gate.”

One of the officials of Langtang’s old girls’ association told TheCable that a year ago, they heard that girls were being pimped, but they could not substantiate the allegation.

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”The pimp, we were told, wasn’t even a security guard but one of the male teachers. We have tried to investigate but we couldn’t find anything. We confronted the former principal — who is now retired — with this and she said there was no such thing going on.

There was a specific teacher allegedly doing this with SS3 girls but no one could give his name or any useful information in getting to the root of the matter.”

”We even got a girl whom we were told knew this pimp, and when we called her, she denied knowing a thing. So, we had to disregard the rumour, because if you tell us something is happening, you should be able to give us the needed information to work with.

If we had a name at least, we could have done something covertly with some of the old girls who now teaches at the college, and our Jos chapter could have showed up in the school unannounced.”

The culture of silence is not surprising — nobody wants to face the backlash. In the case of Queen’s College, the father of the schoolgirl that was allegedly harassed reportedly wanted the saga kept from the public so that his daughter would not be victimised or stigmatised.

Another graduating student who spoke to the reporter recounted tales of teachers who invite students to their offices late at night, and to their homes on weekends.

”One teacher used to call girls to his office in the night. But I don’t know what he used to do with them. One of the girls told us that when she went to his office, he only asked her out, and that when it’s weekend she would follow him to his house.

A man in charge at the ICT department, where the students visit for biometrics for examination purposes, would, according to the student, touch the girl’s “breasts and buttocks.”

The Ministry of Education, when contacted, said it was unaware of the events happening in the school.

Chineye Ihuoma, Director of Press at the Federal Ministry of Education, said:

”If you have any proof, the best way is for you to write us formally and we will conduct proper investigations. But, how can a security man in the school be pimping girls to a stranger? How can?

Officials in the school refused to speak on the record. Laura Dogo, the school principal, who did speak said:

“I am a civil servant. I would advise that you speak to the ministry of education in Abuja.”


Photo Credit: TheCable

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