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Dear MIMsters: My Husband Says I Need Deliverance, Could He Be Right?

Dear MIMsters: My Husband Says I Need Deliverance, Could He Be Right?

Hello mimsters, I am very sad and I do not know what to do. My husband has accused me of being a control freak, and says I need deliverance. Could he be right?

Yesterday, I chatted with a female friend of his who is married because of something the lady did. My husband and I discovered that she chats with different men erotically on Facebook. I asked my husband to confront her because she is destroying her home. He told me that it was none of our business and that we shouldn’t interfere.

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I  still went ahead to have a chat with the woman on Facebook, although I hid my identity.

I later told my husband that I called her. I regret mentioning it to him because right now, he has taken the matter up. He is angry with me and I regret doing what I did.

I told him that my calling her was not worth him getting upset over. I thought I could advise her and make her see that what she was doing was wrong, but it did not work.

He said I did it because I am obsessed with being in control.

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I also discovered that whenever I am happy, something will just pop up in the marriage, and the joy turns to sadness.

My husband normally keeps malice with me until he feels like talking to me. It has been like this since we got married. We can be fine for a week, but I when little issues arise, it takes him two weeks to forgive me.

We have issues every now and then, which he always blames me for. I always have to do the begging because I can’t stand his silence. Even when it is his fault, I am the one who will make the effort to patch things up.

I think because I apologize all the time, he thinks that I am not hurt by his attitude.

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I try to avoid us having misunderstandings, but somehow, something would always crop up. I have prayed about this, but I think someone is against my happiness.

Do I really need deliverance like my husband says? I really love him and I don’t like seeing him unhappy.




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  • You don’t have business contacting her when your husband has kicked against it, or better still, keep it to yourself. You went ahead to go and tell him you did so, what were you expecting, a trophy?

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