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Was I Right Not to Undress My Husband When He Thought I Would?

Was I Right Not to Undress My Husband When He Thought I Would?

I need an advise on how to handle this issue. My hubby is fond of this attitude that is really depressing me. He often pretends to be drunk so I can undress him.

Meanwhile he is not a good friend of alcohol. Out of 100 percent, he can only stand 15 percent or maximum, 2 percent. Anything more than this makes him drunk to the point of throwing up. He knows his limit that why I said he’s fond of pretending to be drunk.

Some days, he’ll go out with friends and when he’s back, he’ll ask me for food and would fall asleep before I finish preparing his meal. If I wake him up to eat, he’ll say that he’s no more hungry. He’ll  then ask me to lie down and if I refuse, he’ll hold me down tight so I can and then force himself on me.

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Afterwards, he’ll doze off and I’ll end up pulling off his clothing and shoes and force him to take a bath. This started since we got married, about a year and two months ago. and

I thought he would stop but now I don’t think he’ll ever if I don’t try to stop it. He’s continued doing this. I get angry and ask him if he’s not the same person who drove himself home, opened and locked the gate and protector properly before coming in.

Last night, he did the same thing again. He told me was hungry and I prepared his food but was asleep before his food was ready. I was angry. I did not undress him, didn’t even take off his watch nor his shoes. I just went to bed.

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When he woke up around 2.a.m to take his bath, he told me “ma-ma nawaoo…you did not even help me to pull my clothes and you let me sleep like this.” My reply was that I am sorry. Though I don’t like him sleeping like that, I am so tired of all undressing him even when I was pregnant.

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Did I do the right thing to let him sleep in his clothes? Does anyone have any idea on how to settle this?

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  • Is he a baby to be undressed? A full grown man will go drinking get drunk and expect you to undress him? This thing called marriage sef.

  • This your own slavery get level o. How can u pet him like dt, undress him,bath him m cook for him still wt a heavy tummy. Some marriages sha. There is no way to resolve it. Tell him u can’t be doing it again. He has to be a man and take care of his mess. So if he vomits too u wl b packing his vomit? For how long wl u continue to cater for ya big and small baby? Is ds d kind of dad ya kids wl c when they grow up? Anything u don’t arrest on time wl become a stuck bone which u cannot swallow or spit out and u know wat dt means. Stop being timid and condoning such behaviors

  • Pls, you need a serious prayer to make him stop taking alcohol cos of his health .from ur statements, I know you are a very good woman, you didn’t tell us he didn’t take care of you or possessing any other bad attitude than this getting drunk .
    pls, find a time to talk him when is in good sanity and pls let him know that u detest alcohol so much and this can make prayers not to be answered.
    pray for him though is not easy to stop that usual habit but it very possible with caution and fervent prayers.

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