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Dear MIMsters: Is My Stance on this Matter Wrong?

Dear MIMsters: Is My Stance on this Matter Wrong?

I need your advice because I am losing my sanity. Am I wrong for taking this stance?

We got married two and a half years ago but we do not have a child yet. We usually have arguments and little misunderstandings from time to time. If I ask him if he wants to beat me on this argument, the next thing I would receive is the beating of my life.

Fast forward to the incidence that happened on Friday. My hubby nags a lot. We were having an argument when he brought up something that occurred over two years ago. I then asked him why keeps bringing up the past, then he started raising his voice.

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So I asked him again, “do you want to beat me now?” He nearly killed me. I have been in pains but physically and emotionally.

I now went to report him to my dad. I’ve been enduring all this without telling anyone. My dad called him and warned him that such should not happen again. He wasn’t remorseful at all. I have not spoken to him since the incidence. He has been expecting me to talk to him first which I would never do cause I wasn’t wrong before he started beating me. Not even any apology from him. Am I wrong for taking this stance?

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  • I pray he doesn’t kill you before you leave. Wife beaters never stop and to crown it up he is not even remorseful. There is also the risk of you harming him(or even killing him) in self defense. Be wise.

  • You are seeking apology from a woman beater instead of you to run as fast as you can Hmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Which one is all these who will talk first, report him to army let the panel beat his sorry ass, then stay away from him.

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