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Dear MIMsters: My Ex-husband Is After My Life. I Need Justice.

Dear MIMsters: My Ex-husband Is After My Life. I Need Justice.

My Ex-husband is after my life. I need justice.

He has been attacking me ever since I left him. I reported his case at the police station but nothing could be done because of his status. Please sisters where can I get NGO incharge of violence against women in Ogun state? I need justice.
He was in my house in September to beat me up and destroyed some more things. I had to involve a lawyer but I couldn’t pay his balance due to financial constraint that I am faced with.
He was in my shop this week again. He beat me up and also broke some showcase glasses. This is the second time he would be attacking me in my shop but sixth time since I left him in April 2015. I didn’t want to take any step before now because my kids were seriously affected by our separation.
I had to get him arrested on the day that he came to beat me up again but the DPO intervened because he is his friend. The DPO is also trying to bury the case now and he has been threatening to deal with me for reporting the case to the police. I am really scared because this man can pour acid on me.

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He usually attack me each time he sees my post or my party pic on Facebook or on WhatsApp. Please help me before it gets out of hands as he believes he is above the law right now. Please help a sister to get justice.
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  • Go to ogun state ministry of women affairs or contact federation of women lawyers (FIDA) ogun state, there office is always located inside the high court

  • He is a sadist. Is it possible for you to relocate some place else? A man like that won’t stop until he mames you or kill you. He is vexed you left him which is typical of some men because it is now an ego thing. Please be careful and stay safe. If you want to fight him, fight him from afar.

  • I see ego playing all around his head, please move very far from him to be safe and alive.

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