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Dear MIMsters: After His Wife Called Me, I Started Feeling Differently About Him

Dear MIMsters: After His Wife Called Me, I Started Feeling Differently About Him

After receiving that call from his wife, I’ve started feeling differently about him.

I’m a 31 year old single mum. I had my baby when I was 20.

Since I had my baby, all the men who have been asking me out are married. I ended up dating one who only runs to me for help whenever he is in need of money. I have been generous to him until one day when I accidentally overheard him talking on the phone with someone.

He told the person at the other end of the phone that I am his ATM. As soon as I heard that, I made up my mind to stop giving him money. I couldn’t handle it anymore, so I broke up with him later.

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In June 2014, a man  introduced to me his friend. Since I’ve met him, he’s been caring for my daughter and I beyond my expectations. He lives in Ibadan while I live in Lagos.

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As a married man, I don’t call or chat with him at night when I know he’s at home with his family and he doesn’t do the same with me. So, I was surprised when his wife called me one night, crying and telling me that that I have turned her husband’s heart away from her.

I told her that I am so sorry and begged her to stop crying that God will perfect everything. The following morning, I called him and told him that what transpired between his wife and I. He begged me not to leave but since I received that call from his wife that day, my feelings for him have been dwindling. Yet, he begs me everyday not to leave him. What should I do?

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  • Pls leave this man. You are his wife’s heart ❤️. I wonder why men are so selfish, this man is chopping at home and outside, enjoying himself.
    Pls break up this relationship and ask God to forgive you. Your single guy will surely come to locate you. Trust in God and he will give you your heart desires.

  • Don’t be the source of another woman’s pain. Because you would never want to be in that position you are putting her..Leave the man alone.nurse your child.Your man is coming

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