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Dear MIMsters: Should I Continue With My Studies or Get Married Now to Him?

Dear MIMsters: Should I Continue With My Studies or Get Married Now to Him?

Should I continue with my studies or get married to him?
I got pregnant last year and was left home to stay with this guy whom I was in a relationship with.
Throughout my pregnancy, I had to provide and take care of myself by myself. When the baby arrived, he asked us to come live in his parents house as he couldn’t afford the rents anymore.
Initially, I was against the idea but I had no other choice. As I could not go back home, we moved in with his parents when my baby was barely 3 months old. There, I was left alone to do all the house chores in the house and also take care of my baby.
One day, his dad insulted and called me names for over an hour and my baby daddy just sat there quiet. He said nothing and did nothing. I waited for weeks for him to say something about that evening, yet he did nothing.
So, I decided to go back home as he also fails in his financial responsibilities. He is always waiting for me to mount pressure on him before he provides for his own baby.
After returning last month, my parents decided that I travel and relocate abroad to further my studies. The problem is in a situation like this I don’t know what to do, whether to continue with my studies or get married to this guy.
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  • Are you stupid? How can you think of marrying a guy like that over going to study abroad? A guy that fails to take care of his own son and won’t even defend you. Please my love, marriage is not everything. Go abroad and study, get a life and travel and live life.

  • Nne this your question is not necessary. Continue your studies Biko or do you want to marry yourself?. He is a baby daddy and has no intention of changing to hubby. You are lucky your parents wants to send you abroad so you can forget your past and start afresh. Pls do not throw that opportunity away all in the name of marriage, and marriage to who exactly? Please go back to school and add value to your life. Marriage will happen at the right time. One word is enough for the wise.

  • Come……are you OK?????? What marry???? To a baby boy that can’t afford to foot the bill for his own child???? What is wrong with African women and marriage Biko.

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