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YOUR BABY’S HEALTH: 15 Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore (Part Two)

YOUR BABY’S HEALTH: 15 Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore (Part Two)

Ineh Olisah

Often times, you’re so concerned about your baby’s health that you wish there was something, perhaps magical, you could do to insulate him from falling ill. You are however realistic enough to know falling ill is inevitable and because your baby cannot speak, you find yourself looking out for warning signs or symptoms, freaking out at harmless discoveries or worse still, overlooking red alerts.

Find vital cues to identifying when your baby should see a doctor.

Continued from Part One


Any cold that interferes with your baby’s breathing, accompanied by severe coughs, should have you racing to a doctor. Apart from causing breathing difficulty, this condition would change his sleep pattern and make him more prone to fatigue.



If he suddenly develops an unexplainable rash, especially one accompanied by a fever, check with a doctor to be sure it’s nothing you should lose sleep over.

Also, if he doesn’t respond normally to sounds or has fluids draining from his ears, don’t assume he’ll outgrow it, find out what’s going on.


Taking ill advice from neighbours if a baby falls and loses consciousness is dangerous. You should take him for medical examination immediately to rule out any serious damage to his brain. Once this is done, you will be instructed to watch out for symptoms like vomiting, problems with coordination and vision or unusual tiredness, as these may indicate damage not discovered during initial examination.

If he falls without losing consciousness also, whether there are blood traces or not, see a doctor to be cocksure there are no internal injuries.

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Your baby’s stiff neck, resulting in an inability to turn his head, could be a sign of meningitis, which can lead to brain damage, deafness and death. Other symptoms that indicate meningitis include, swollen fontanelles, a high fever that makes his hands and feet cold to touch, a purple-red rash that doesn’t disappear if a glass is pressed to it or pale, blotchy skin and breathing difficulty. If you notice any of these, take him to a doctor immediately.


Waking up with pink/watery or sticky eyes could be a sign of an eye infection like conjunctivitis. Getting it treated early would prevent it from spreading and get your baby’s eyes back to normal.

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A bad sunburn, especially one that causes blisters on his skin, could cause heatstroke or vomiting and heighten the risk of contracting skin cancer later in life. You should therefore seek medical care if it occurs. Avoid applying Vaseline or any kind of petroleum based product on his skin, rather, cool the sunburned area with a damp facecloth and use recommended medication.


It’s okay for a baby to sleep for long periods. However, if he sleeps endlessly without waking for feeds and becomes unusually inactive, have him checked. You might think his sleeping all day/night for days, reliefs you of the troubles but the fact is, it isn’t normal.

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You should also contact your doctor if your baby’s umbilical area or penis suddenly becomes red or starts to ooze or bleed.

Apart from these instances, whenever you feel something could be wrong with your baby, trust your instincts and pay a visit to the doctor. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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