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Dear MIMsters: Should I Continue To Beg Him Just Because Pastor Said He Is My Husband?

Dear MIMsters: Should I Continue To Beg Him Just Because Pastor Said He Is My Husband?

Should I continue to beg my boyfriend just because my pastor said that it has been revealed to him that my he is my destined husband?

I’m a 24-year-old woman who has been dating this guy for about 4 years now who disvirgined me when I was 22 years old. This means we dated for approximately 2 years without having sex.

My pastor revealed to my mum that he is my future husband and that we are destined to marry each other. Pastor was very detailed, telling me his name, state of origin and even described his physical appearance accurately. All this convinced me that his revelation had to be genuine.

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But recently, he started acting funny. He gets several calls and text messages from several girls. Some girl sent me an invite on WhatsApp. One time, she updated her profile with photos of her and my boyfriend, kissing. I acted like I was cool with the girl, not letting her know how I actually felt. She probably thought that I am an ex girlfriend of his.

I saved those pictures and showed them to my dear boyfriend. He begged me and promised that he’ll let the girl go. We settled our differences and things were fine again between us or so I thought.

One morning, he came around. He had forgotten to clear his conversation with the girl. I went through his chat and discovered that they had fought previously but reconciled. My boyfriend sent her some ‘ I miss you’ and apology messages after she found out that I was his girlfriend. I confronted him again but this time around, he threatened me with a breakup.

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I locked my door and hid the key because he vowed to breakup with me if he found his way out.
About me: I am a model, tall, slim, dark-skinned and beautiful. I won the most beautiful girl award for my department. I am any guy’s choice.

The question is: should I continue to beg my boyfriend just because it has been revealed by my pastor that he is destined to be my husband in future? I know God can’t lie but I can’t continue to beg just to hold a man. Or should I open the door and let him out of my life? Will I have a better option? We understand each other so well, we fight less and play more. I love him so much but I can’t keep begging him my entire life. What do you think?

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  • Message.. Boyfrnd ke? He’s nt even a husband yet n u dey beg him? Abeg let ur so called boyfrnd n his pride outta de house n let him go jare. Sm women too de disappoint me atimes oo do u tink if u marry him he won’t stop misbehaving? De choice is urz so advice urself bt all I cn tell u is u re too beautiful to let any man ride on u so let him go he will cm bk n its left for u to decide weda u do go bk to ur vomit once its vomited.

  • Message.. Don’t beg a guy to be with u, if he want to leave pls let him go. If God has destined him to be ur husband, he will come back a better person.

  • Once you start with begging be rest assured you will beg all your life so its best you take a walk now and if he really wants you he will turn a new leaf and apologise. But don’t stake your life cos of some prophecy

  • even when God reveals a person to u doesnt mk him a perfect man.n doesnt mean it has to work out.d both if u have a big role to play in making it work.if he wants to go den let him go.dnt hold on to him cos he was ur first or cos d pastor said so.just pray n tell God dat he should allow what is ur pass u bye n he should give u d best of d best of men.

  • He vowed to break up with u if he found his way out.Hahaha what a funny relationship.Let me ask:What will both of u be doing indoors pending when u finally open the door?How long will both of u remain locked up?Is that how u intend locking him up when he flirts if u eventually marry him?I’ve made d guy to feel like one prince/king. I dnt bliv God can give u a husband that will make u spend d rest of ur life sad.Pls give itself some respect n value.Tell him even before he leaves d room that u are done with him n mean it.If God destined him to be ur husband,he will come back begging u(a changed man).Then u give him conditions n a stern warning.

  • My sister, I will advice u to focus more in ur academic career, this is d time to build urself so don’t rely on him also personally pray to God Almighty to lead u through let God reveal to u if he is someone u can spend d rest of ur life with and be a pastor to urself, don’t depend on any pastor cleave to Almighty God.

  • Guys sha,they won’t appreciate what they have until they loose it…Dear,no time for begging o,if he’s use to your begging, you will lose your dignity&he wil always want you to beg him at any slight provocation..please, allow him to go.Then the prophecy, fine the man of God might be right, but the Bible also says, whatsoever we want,we should ask,ask God for a better man,cos that your boyfriend is a cheat.God help you.

  • Hmmmm my dear,any how u begin ur relationship now that’s how it will be in marriage oo or even worst. Pls, 4 God’s sake leave that cheat he doesn’t deserve u

  • It’s better you leave him for your own good now. If you keep begging, you will continue to beg even when you marry and he will treat u anyhow. This is the time to let him know you can’t take rubbish nd let him go

  • All these pastors and their so visions can ruin someone ‘s life o…..yes God does not lie but God will also not give you a man that will cheat on you. So my dear leave him and run

  • Abeg free that guy, pastor is not God. My sister once received a prophecy like that, but with time the guy’s character became unbearable and my sister took a walk and today she is happy she ran at the right time. That guy has showed you who he is already so if you want to use your whole life to beg, stay. If not walk and in a few months time you will be glad you did.

  • Why do we let so called men of God deceive us.God does not puck spouse for us, he only did it for Adam and eve.when u pick and u pray to him he blesses your union.he will only give you guidelines or principles on how to go about your selection and am sure he wouldn’t want you to marry a cheater.cos he hates use your bible and your head weigh the pro’s and con’s and forget your pastor.

  • Girl, you are beautiful and deserve to be treated better.Never ever allow yourself to sleep with someone who is not your husband again. If he truly apologises for his wrongs and changes, then good. If not and you know you don’t wanna marry a cheat, then walk away.

  • The gift is called “discerning of spirits” not discernment of human beings. God won’t ask you to settle for a man who won’t make you happy, chase the idiot out of your life immediately. You’d get someone better

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