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5 Types of Foods To Help Boost Your Fertility

5 Types of Foods To Help Boost Your Fertility

A lot of  factors that we can’t control like our age and genetics can go a long way to affect how fertile we are in our lives, but there are certain foods that we can eat to help boost or increase fertility, something we can do for ourselves, without medical intervention. See some below…

1.Whole Grains Like: Oatmeal, Tanfiri aka Donkwa

In this category, whole grains are very essential if you are trying to boost up your fertility level, you need to level up your carb level. Contrary to popular belief, carbohydrates are very essential when you want to make a baby, the difference is eating the right type of carbs (the ones that dint spike your blood sugar), that means less of white rice, bread, because these foods spike your insulin level, and insulin reduces some major pregnancy hormones. So you want to focus on good carbs like, Oat meal,(Quaker oats), brown rice or Basmati rice.

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2. Plant Protein Like: Beans, Nuts

Don’t rely on animal protein alone chicken, red meat, add plant sources such as peanuts, beans, and peas to improve fertility rate in your system. You are not becoming a vegetarian as such, but your just spicing up your meals to have more of a natural source of zinc and amino acids.

3. Full Fat Diary Products Like: Greek Yogurt, Cow Milk, (Fura de Nunu)

Dairy products are the top source or choice for calcium, and it might sound very shocking that full fat yogurt or milk can help you to increase your fertility level. No exact reason has been given, but recent study done by a fertility doctor at FitPregnancy has shown that women who consume more fat filled dairy products are more likely to have less complications when it comes to having a child than those who consume skimmed or low fat dairy products.

4. Fresh Fruits And Vegetables: Ugwu, Spinach, Lemons, Grapes

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Anything fresh and green is your go to friend in this category, you can get your Ugwu, okro, spinach,(waterleaf), bitter leaf, ewedu and have it with a oats, pounded yam, amala, or wheat. Fruits you can go to anything from apples, oranges, mangoes, tangerines, strawberries.

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5. Fats Like: CatFish, MakerelFish(Titus), Wara, 

You have good fats and bad fats. Something is always good or bad. And food isn’t left out no matter how savory it is. Good fats? You want something that is rich in Omega-3 such as fish. like croaker, tilapia. Two to three servings of fish seems just about right, Tofu (wara), preferably the boiled one not the fried one, dark chocolate for those of us that have a sweet tooth, avocado’s, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, but remember that everything has to be in the right proportion still having a very balanced diet.

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