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Signs that Your Child Is Suffering From Depression

Signs that Your Child Is Suffering From Depression


Depression is the persistent feeling of sadness and it do not only occur in adulthood, many times it occurs in childhood. Children feel depressed too, and they exhibit a certain kind of behavior that cannot be neglected.

The causes of childhood depression are unknown. It could be caused by any combination of factors that relate to physical health, life events, family history, environment, genetic vulnerability, and biochemical disturbance.

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The symptoms of childhood depression may vary. It depends on the child and his or her particular mood disorder. Many times, childhood depression goes undiagnosed and untreated. That’s because it’s passed off as normal emotional and psychological change that occurs during growth.

The signs and symptoms of childhood depression include:

1. Changes in appetite either increased appetite or decreased: When some kids feel sad they resort to food and find solace their or avoid it completely. If your notice a change in your child appetite you may want to start paying keen attention and asking necessary questions

2. Fatigue and low energy: that persistent feeling of sadness makes them uninterested in doing and they get easily tired . When you notice your hyperactive kid is always getting tired, he or she  might be depressed.

3. Sleeplessness or excessive sleep: when you notice your child sleep pattern changes, he or she might just be struggling to be happy.

4. Physical complaints  such as headaches that do not respond to treatment: not getting enough sleep at night might cause persistent headache, once you notice this, you should take necessary steps.

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5. Social withdrawal:  when there is a Reduced ability to function during events and activities at home or with friends, in school or during extracurricular activities, or when involved with hobbies or other interests then the child might be sad deep within.

6. Continuous feelings of sadness or hopelessness: when their favorite tv shows, or fun places don’t even make them happy, then it might be depression.

7. Anger and vocal outbursts: depressed children are always quick to anger, show irritation and cry at any given opportunity and there is an Increased sensitivity to rejection.

8. Difficulty concentrating:  depression causes lack of concentration.

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