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Dear MIMsters: My Dreams About Getting Married Are Scary But He’s Such a Nice Guy

Dear MIMsters: My Dreams About Getting Married Are Scary But He’s Such a Nice Guy

How did the few months of your wedding go? Did you have scary dreams? What were the challenges you faced? I have been having bad dreams since hubby and I started planning our wedding. People have been telling me their dreams of me crying but the father of my kids is such a nice man.
I already have 2 kids for this man and I’m scared even though he doesn’t give me any reason to be. He’s a strong Catholic. Today is the 1st day I attended marriage class with him and he was very happy to be there but I’m scared.
My family has a history of failed marriage. I mean everyone of them failed including my dad. As I’m speaking now, I don’t know the whereabouts of my dad.
Are these dreams normal for a bride to be or is it possible they are there to warn me.
Please help as I can’t afford to fail like my family. Personally, this guy is good. I die here. I don’t think there’s any man out there that can do what he does for me and the kids. His family make me feel like I’m in heaven. They are a blessing in my life but why all these dreams?
I would have run to the nearest church but he believes only in the Catholic Church I dare not go anywhere.
Please what do you think I should do? This is all strange for me. I am open to suggestions.
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  • You need to pray fervently .there are some strong Catholic priests and fellowships you can see and attend for deliverance from every curse of failed marriages. Yours will be different bit you need to step out of the boat.

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