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Dear MIMsters: My Husband Is Trying To Frustrate Me To Death By Asking Me to Do This

Dear MIMsters: My Husband Is Trying To Frustrate Me To Death By Asking Me to Do This

My husband has asked me to leave my job of over 12 years but he is not willing to support the business idea I have proposed, instead he is just trying to frustrate me to death.

We met through this job he is asking me to leave in 2008. I had gone to his office to market my company’s products to one of his colleagues who unfortunately, was not around and who had asked him to engage me in order to know if I was worth doing business with.

Not only was I able to convince him to advise his friend to buy the land, he also purchased 2 plots in the promo of that year.

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One thing led to another, and 2 years later, we were married.

We had our first child- a girl almost immediately because I was about 5 months pregnant already before we got married and another child- a boy; 2 years later.

My husband will always accuse me of flirting with men so that I could sell lands to them. I get good commission from my job and to the best of my ability, I take good care of my children. My husband is just being a pain in the neck.

He is accusing me of infidelity when he is the unfaithful one here. I have evidences of his affair with 2 of his exes and he is even flirting with a girl on our street but I chose to pretend that I do not know about it, yet, he will not let me have peace. Always monitoring me.

Sometimes, he would call me up to 7 times before the end of work. Every morning, he requests for my itinerary for the day and through that, he monitors me. If he ever calls and I am not where I stated in my itinerary, I would be in trouble when we get home in the evening. He has never laid a finger on me but he would deny me of everything from sex, to money, eating at home, talking to me, helping with the kids etc.

When he started his usual trouble-making about my job last night, I told him I would resign but that he would have to give me the money I need to start my boutique business.

Can you imagine what he said to me? He said boutique business is for women who want to go fully into prostitution. Now, he has asked me to resign at the end of this month, and become a full time housewife saying, he has enough to cater for our needs.

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I am the only child of my late parents and I do not have anywhere to go. When we got married, he ensured that I cut ties with relatives and friends.

If I resign from my job, he will have more means of dealing with me but If i don’t, the trouble will be unbearable.

I am just fed up!

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  • My sister I Perfectly understand you. if you ever resign without him establishing the said business for you sorry will be your name . My dear stood your ground he should choose between the two of them. He wants you to depend totally on him so that he will start maltreating you. please let him know you’re aware of all his flings with his exes including the one in your street.

    • Good advice,the guy is selfish. God forbid bad thing suppose the tide turns. How would they cope

  • Don’t resign pls, commit his mind to Gods hand and try all you can to be pleasing him in all way, don’t argue with him, just be saying yes sir to every thing but don’t ever resign. May God touch his mind

  • See how this works, if you finally get him to open a boutique for you, he will lock up the place at the slightest provocative. I think your husband has “control issues”, just continue with your work and see how it turns out, who knows, he might get tired of being resentful and actually come to terms with it. For his affairs, don’t confront him, pretend as if he is the most loving man on earth, because if you confront him, he might start bringing them home or start “cheating without respect”. Finally, Buy things that are needed in the house, especially the things that he uses always, that might help him change his mind… Buy him gifts occasionally. All the best to you .

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