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Dear MIMsters: I Love My Home But My Wife Has Become Disrespectful and Emotionally Abusive

Dear MIMsters: I Love My Home But My Wife Has Become Disrespectful and Emotionally Abusive

I am getting confused. Please read my post carefully. I love my home but my wife has become disrespectful and emotionally abusive.

Since I got married four months ago, I have being the one doing most of the domestic chores at home after work during the week, in the mornings and on Saturdays. I don’t do it maliciously, my driving force is the love for my new home.

My wife has on account of these things I do become disrespectful and emotionally abusive. I can’t even express myself whenever something goes wrong without her raining abuses on me or saying harsh and disrespectful words to me.

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Most mornings, I make my breakfast myself before going to work while she is still in bed. On Saturday, I woke up early as usual, made some breakfast and started doing a few chores until 9.00am. I served the food, woke her up and we ate. I slept off a few minutes later.

When I woke up, I discovered the dishes that we used for breakfast about 4 hours ago were left uncleared. I stepped out to get some things we need and was just like that. While all these was on, she was just watching movie. I didn’t say anything. I simply picked up 3 shirts and boxers to go wash outside. Then she stepped out to where I was to ask me why I’m washing since we will be going out soon.

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I told her, all my clothes are dirty and I had to wash this since she didn’t make any effort to help while I was sleeping. She picked offence and said she is not my slave. That I am only good for domestic activities and nothing else. She is also in the habit of abusing me to my face that she footed some part of our wedding expenses.

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The truth is despite the fact that I am not yet financially stable, I provide for the basics for my family. I want you to please share your honest advice with me as I am so depressed now.

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