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Obese Boy Who Went Viral Dies At Just 11

Obese Boy Who Went Viral Dies At Just 11

A young obese boy made international headlines some months ago after it was revealed that he has a rare condition that makes him hungry all the time and when there’s no food, he eats anything available, even tissue paper. It has now been revealed that he has passed away at the age of 11.

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Caden Benjamin, from South Africa, suffered from Prader-Willi syndrome which is characterised by an obsessive compulsion to eat. As a result, he weighed 90 kilogrammes at the age of 10.

His condition meant his brain could not register that his body did not need to eat anymore after he was done eating, meaning the youngster never felt full. Sometimes he ate toilet paper and even dirt when he couldn’t get food.

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Sadly, he died on November 15 at the Steve Biko Hospital in the city of Pretoria in South Africa’s Gauteng Province.

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Caden’s obesity led to serious problems with his breathing. He also had to undergo a tracheotomy a while back and had to breath through a tube inserted into his windpipe. The condition also meant he had an enlarged heart, diabetes and depression.

His mother Zola Benjamin is reportedly devastated at losing her only child.


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