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Dear MIMsters: I Broke My Ex’s Heart But I Am Not Sorry

Dear MIMsters: I Broke My Ex’s Heart But I Am Not Sorry

I broke my ex’s heart but I am not sorry. Here’s why…

I was in my 2nd year at the university when my ex asked to have a relationship with me. I’ve always known him because we are from the same community. I accepted to date him because I already know him and because he is a good person.

He loves me so much and treats me like a queen and always dreamt of making me his wife. His parents and mine were aware of our relationship and always wished us the best because they thought we were a great match.

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In the course of our relationship, it became clear to me that I didn’t love this guy. He did everything to impress me, but still, the love was not there. I called him one day, we both sat down and I told him the truth that I don’t love him. Yet, he insisted that we continued to date and said, “sometimes, even if two people don’t love themselves, and they together, there may be one or two things that may make them start loving themselves”.

He begged me to stay with him and marry him. He told me that he won’t hurt me but would rather treat me well. He also told me that he doesn’t think anyone out there will love me the way he loves me and he is ready to take all my fouls.

I tried my best to love this guy, but rather than loving him back, I saw myself hating everything he did for me. He is a good person. I told him again but he kept on encouraging me to continue. He told me he had a scholarship and wanted to travel abroad to study and would like to propose to me so that I could wait for him until he comes back. I rejected the proposal, telling him that if I want to marry him, it will be straight to marriage and not just an engagement. It was the first time I was proposed to but I rejected it because I was not in love.

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He didn’t end up going abroad though. He is a good person who would do anything to make me happy but I wasn’t just in love with him. He asked me one day if I’m really ok and suggested that we visit a doctor to check if I’m sexually ok. I told him that I’m fine.

Everyone was happy to see us together, but, inside me, I wasn’t a happy person. I wanted to be with someone who loves me and I love him back. So I decided to be open to the relationship, then I met this other guy. He loves me so much and I love him too. He treats me so well. We dated for a year and a half and he asked me to be his wife. We are far from perfect, we quarrel and forgiving each other. Infact, we even querelled this week lol…., but we have settled. We love each other and have decided to make it work.

Today, makes it four years since we have been happily married with a family. My ex is still single though and I wish him well because he is a good person.

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The reason why I’m posting this is because recently, I saw one of my ex’s friend who knew about us back then and he seriously blamed me for dumping his friend and marrying someone else. He said his friend is still angry with me and suggested that I call my ex to apologize to him. I don’t feel any sorry for what I did. I was never in love and I made him know that fact. So, I don’t think I owe my ex any apologies.

Reminder: This ex of mine is handsome and comes from a good family. So money or looks was never my issue for not loving him back. Despite how I feel, do you also think that I should apologise to my ex for breaking his heart.

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  • I don’t think you owe him an apology. You were truthful from the start. He broke his own heart.

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