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Dear MIMsters: A Marriage Or A Business. Which Of These Am I Better Of With?

Dear MIMsters: A Marriage Or A Business. Which Of These Am I Better Of With?

A marriage or a business? Which of these do you think I’m better off with?
I met this man 5 years ago, we got into a relationship and started living together. I have a son from a previous relationship while he has 2 kids from his previous marriage and together, we have a son.
He provides for us all, as a family (I’d say we live above average) in my opinion. However, he doesn’t want me having any money. My own money.  This includes getting an employment.
Before we got together, I was working and he made me stop to come assist him with his business. He has some relatives working with him, which I’d say contributes to 90% of our issues. A mention of his sister or cousin shoots his blood to the roof!
We had a disagreement recently and I left and moved back in with my parents. This is not the first time it has happened and each time, I always go back to him ‘after a talk.’ But now, I am really tired of this.
I feel like my life is on a standstill as we aren’t growing as a couple. These fights, and moving in and out, drag us back. The worst of it is that, each time I step out, I am left without a penny to my name.
He wants me back, as usual and my parents are in support. They say our issues can only be resolved by just the two of us (sort of true). They have tried before and kinda gave up.
I am of the opinion that for me to go back this time around, he should do the right thing which is make our union official. This is something he is not ready to do.
He had proposed setting up a business for me to support myself and my 2 kids, if I decide not to return to him.
So my question is, should I stand my ground and have him make our union official or should I take the cash for the business and move on with my life?
I would like to have your opinion.

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