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Dear MIMsters: How We Put Our Dad In His Place After He Did The Unthinkable To Our Mum

Dear MIMsters: How We Put Our Dad In His Place After He Did The Unthinkable To Our Mum

I’m sharing this experience to tell every single one of us out there not to let our parents’ bad relationship affect us as individuals. Instead, let us put a stop or make better lives out of our own. This is my story of how we put our father in his place when he tried to do the unthinkable to our mum.

I’m 26. I grew up in a home where my dad always beat up my mum. As long as I can remember ,my dad would hit my mum over little issues. It got to a point that my mum started fighting back and my dad would destroy things in the house during the fight.
The weird thing is that my dad loves us, his children. He does not joke with his kids and the little time when he was happy, he showed some love and affection towards my mum. His temper issue was what we didn’t understand. Meanwhile, my mum is that type of woman any man would want in his life and my dad was not appreciative. My mum is a great supporter who shoulders problems in the home all by herself, while my dad does his best.
Most times when they fight, my siblings and I would cry our eyes out. It got to a point my mum packed out of the house. My dad’s elder sister had to begged her to come back. It got to a stage when if he was fighting my mum, we would stay in the middle to support my mum, then he would say we joined our mum to beat him up. But we cared less.
So, for the last three years, no fight occurred until early last year when he fought with my mum over a slight misunderstanding. He even chased my mum with a knife and mum had to sleep in a church member’s house. I was in school when this happened, so she could me to give me updates, but my younger brother was around. The dude was so angry that I heard he almost fought with my dad because he was looking for my mum but he could not find her. He even told my dad that if he didn’t find my mum that night, he would bring hell down. I was the one who called him to let him know my mum was fine. During the fight, when he was trying to hold my dad and the knife, he did not know how or when my mum escaped.
I was so mad that I had to return home that weekend. When my dad returned from work, I did not even allow him say a thing before I told him how fed up I was with his kind of life. I so angry that I spoke to my father like I was talking to a kid. On a good day, I dare not question my dad. But here, all I was thinking was he could have killed my mum and this made me so mad. I told him I was going to arrest him and I was serious about it.
I told him that I was going to send him to jail and cut ties with him if a hair from my mum goes missing, and he was like, “are you for real?”Ā 
I said, “yes.”
My siblings told him and he got to understand that we are up for the game. We called my mum’s older sister and told her all that my dad has been doing as my mum didn’t complain to them and she did her part. She showed my dad some craziness over the phone and since then, he has not laid a finger on my mum.
I don’t let his way of life affect me. I have promised to bring down hell on any man that hits me or my sisters. I choose not to be scared and I know that not all men are like my dad when it comes to temper issues..
I love my dad, don’t get me wrong. He goes through all odds to provide for us, so, I don’t joke with him, My siblings feel the same way, but we had to put him in his place and he has been behaving well ever since.Ā 

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