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Actress, Beverly Naya, Links Growing Rates Of ‘Wrong’ Marriages To Societal Pressure On Women To Get Married

Actress, Beverly Naya, Links Growing Rates Of ‘Wrong’ Marriages To Societal Pressure On Women To Get Married

Delectable actress, Beverly Naya, in a new interview with Sunday Scoop shared her view on what she believes to be responsible for her scandal-free career in Nollywood; her thoughts on how societal pressure on women to get married is setting the foundation for many ‘wrong’ marriages.

The British-born Nigerian actress shared during the interview that she has been able to avoid controversies by being true to herself and staying away from scandalous things.

She told Sunday Scoop,

“I don’t do things I shouldn’t be doing. It’s easy when one is living one’s life and one stays away from certain things. That’s it really. I am not hiding anything.

If I were hiding anything, it would have been revealed by now. I just don’t do things that would lead to scandals. It’s just the way I am.”

Naya, 30, also maintained that society should put less pressure on women to get married, saying women begin to feel pressure when they allow themselves to yield to the expectations of other people.

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She said,

“It’s only an expectation if one allows it to be an expectation. It’s all about what one feels and when one is ready to do (certain) things.

When one starts allowing people determine how one lives, it becomes an expectation. It becomes pressure. It all begins and ends with one.

She spoke further:

“I also believe that pressure on women to get married should be reduced, especially in this part of the world, . That’s how people– men and women–end up in wrong marriages.

And that is what leads to divorce. A lot of people are miserable all in the name of pleasing society and they end up in miserable situations which lead to divorces and toxic relationships.

I feel it’s important to do things when one is ready. Ensure that you are with the right person. Don’t just marry someone out of convenience or under pressure.

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Marry someone because you genuinely love that person and want to spend ‘forever’ with that person.”

On if she is being stereotyped when it comes to the roles she plays, the actress said,

“I personally do not feel I am being stereotyped and it’s easy for me to say that because I’m the actor. I am the one that chooses the roles I want to act and the ones I don’t want.

I always say I am not in control of the films that do well and the ones that don’t do well.

So, just because you have seen The Wedding Party is not enough to say Beverly Naya always plays the same types of roles.

I am not in control of the films that go straight to TV or an online platform. From your perspective, it may seem that way, but from where I stand, it is a matter of what films do really well and what films don’t.

That is what determines how I come across to other people. I have been fortunate to play a variety of roles.”

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