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Fitness Experts Give 8 Major Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Fitness Experts Give 8 Major Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Women, many times have been discouraged from lifting weight. Some for health reasons, others because they say it is not lady like.

Many fitness experts have come out to give reasons women should lift weights. After reading this piece that is written by a fitness coach, Chinese Obinwanne and culled from, you will surely want to add weight lifting to your work out routine.

More Calorie Burn:

Although cardio burns more calories than strength training during your 30-minute sweat session, lifting weights burns more overall. It all goes back to building muscle. It takes more energy (calories) for your body to maintain muscle cells than it does fat cells. So by lifting weights to add more muscle mass, you’ll boost your metabolism and turn your body into a more efficient fat-burning machine.

Muscle Mass Maintenance:

Research shows that between the ages of 30 and 70, women lose an average of 22 percent of their total muscle. What’s even more upsetting is that over time, the muscle void is often filled with fat. Lifting weight fixes this.

Builds Stronger Bones:

Lifting weights can be your best defense against osteoporosis, a disease affecting a good percentage of women’s bones.

The key to this one is consistency, as research has shown that lifting heavy weights over time not only maintains bone mass but can even build new bone, especially in the high-risk group of post-menopausal women. (Psst…Yoga has some bone strengthening benefits too.)

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Healthier Heart:

Research shows lifting weights can be a powerful way to protect your heart in the long run.

Reduced Risk Of Diabetes:

Lifting weights helps improve the way your body processes sugar, which can help prevent diabetes.

Builds Curves:

Lifting weights helps you accumulate more muscle mass which leads to a leaner, curvier and toner physique (many women who love to have great figure will love this benefit).

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You’ll Especially Lose Belly Fat

A University of Alabama study found that the women who lifted weights lost more intra-abdominal fat (deep belly fat) than those who just did cardio. This not only helps you lose weight and build a more toned body, but it also lessens your risk of metabolic syndrome, and some cancers. (Not to mention, lifting heavy weights recruits your core, giving you an abs workout without even trying.)

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You’ll Feel Empowered

Throwing around some serious iron doesn’t just empower women in the movies. Lifting heavier weights—and building strength as a result—comes with a big self-esteem boost. Your strength will not only show in your lean, toned body, but also in your attitude.

“Strength has a funny way of bleeding into all areas of your life, in the gym and out,” says Jen Sinkler, an Olympic lifting coach, kettlebell instructor, and author of Lift Weights Faster. By constantly challenging yourself to do things you never thought possible, your confidence grows. ” Weight lifting empowers you,” she says.


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