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Dear MIMsters: If You Are A Christian Planning To Get Married To A Muslim, I Want You To First Read This

Dear MIMsters: If You Are A Christian Planning To Get Married To A Muslim, I Want You To First Read This

I’m a Christian married to a Muslim.

Before getting married, we dated for so many years, and yes, I was aware of his religion & most of their beliefs. On many occasions, we discussed our future at lengths.

He is from a polygamous home. I had my fears & doubts, that’s why it took us that long before tying the knot. He assured me that religion will never be our problem and he is not going to have another wife because the many wives that his father had are the major cause of the problems in their family.

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In fact, when one of his younger brothers was getting a 2nd wife, he was mad with him.

Fast forward to when we were about to get married, my dad was totally against him. I started seeing my dad as one who did not mean well for me before after begging my dad, left and right, he accepted and we got married traditionally and in the court.

I love him so much and I respect him a lot. I don’t want any error to come from me so people won’t blame me.

Four years into our marriage and already blessed with kids (both sexes), my husband married a second wife in the city where he works. Guess what? His new wife is also a Christian and now, my husband sees me as nothing while everyone else see me as the bad one as I have refused to accept the fact that I have a mate.

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I am stuck in this house because I don’t have any money to do what I know is best for me & my kids. Yes, I am working but all my salary goes to feeding & caring for my kids and I. For 2-3 months, my husband won’t even come home to see his kids. It’s when they cry to him on the phone is when he’ll find one day to come & see them.

All his attention is now on his 2nd wife. From the moment he steps his feet into my home, his wife will start calling him up & down on the phone. She doesn’t want to share him but wants him all to herself.

Almost every day, I cry myself to sleep because I never wished this for myself and what is tearing my heart up now is my inability to move out.

He only sends money when hears that the kids are not feeling well, even at that, he will say that he borrowed it.

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So dear Christian sisters, before you get married, prepare yourself for the unexpected as promises are always broken. Love is not enough.

I hope someone will learn from my mistakes. Pls no one should add to my pains by insulting me.

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