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37 Years+ Married, Publisher/Mum, Betty Irabor Writes Open Letter To Women In Abusive Marriages

37 Years+ Married, Publisher/Mum, Betty Irabor Writes Open Letter To Women In Abusive Marriages

Publisher, Betty Irabor, has written an open letter to women in abusive relationships. Mrs. Irabor who has been married to her husband, Soni, for 37 years, stated that women in abusive relationships are by far better off alone and alive to tend their children than leaving them for a stepmother or family whose love interest may not include the children.

The mum-of-three also cautioned that ’till death do us apart’ is not a clause to be taken quite literally, warning women that abusive behaviours are valid reasons to call it quits.

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Her letter reads;

Dear women in abusive relationships….

1. Marriage is not a Do or Die affair, especially when you’re the one who is likely to DIE from abuse or end up in psychiatric home as a living dead.

2. FOR BETTER FOR WORSE doesn’t mean you should romanticize suffer head especially when you’re being used as a beast of burden or punch bag which triggers mental and psychological trauma.

3. “Till death do us part” does not mean that you stay on till you die and are carried out in a coffin because you are staying for your children and because”GOD hates divorce.” Is it God’s will for you to be brutalised and sent to a premature death without fulfilling His purpose in your life?

4. “In sickness and in health”…doesn’t mean you should stay married to a sicko (psycho). Protect you own health.

5. Do not allow third parties talk you into staying when you alone know the danger ahead. Leave while your legs can carry you…

6. You’re by far better off alone & alive to tend your children than leave them for a step mother or family whose love interest MAY not include your children…

7. Please, please, we understand you’re afraid of starting all over; but stop sabotaging every effort made by Domestic Violence activists to rehabilitate you after you have reached out for help.

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Stay safe.

Image… Me and my boo living our best life nearly 37 years on? His Grace has been upon us…but we also play our own roles….

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