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A Few Tips Women Trying To Conceive Can Learn From How New Mom, Etinosa Idemudia Overcame Her Challenges With Infertility After 7 Years

A Few Tips Women Trying To Conceive Can Learn From How New Mom, Etinosa Idemudia Overcame Her Challenges With Infertility After 7 Years

One woman who has gone through the pain of trying to conceive, TTC, and who decided to be selfless about it is Nollywood actress and comedienne, Etinosa Idemudia.

The first-time mum shocked many of her fans last year when she unveiled her cute daughter five days to the end of 2020.

Speaking in a recent chat with PUNCH, the proud mother of one spoke about her career, how she found out about her ‘high-risk pregnancy’ and more.

According to Etinosa who had earlier shared how she battled and defeated Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age, revealed that it took her seven years before she got pregnant and delivered her first child.

The yummy mummy who remained mum on her marital status, further stated it was not easy as she tried many times unsuccessfully. In her words:

“Nigeria is filled with very toxic people so one needs to protect one’s loved ones. I have never revealed the identity of my parents or any siblings and I don’t intend to reveal the identity of my husband and children, except they opt for that themselves.

I signed up for a public life when I switched careers to join the entertainment industry. I am the public person, not my family members, so I have to respect and guard their privacy. Besides, what does the public need such information for? Did my fans conclude that I am not married?

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I would rather they are curious about my career plans which is what directly affects them. I did not keep my pregnancy a secret, it was just a private affair, because my true friends, employers and family were very aware that I was pregnant.

It was a high-risk pregnancy but God saw me through. I was two months gone before I knew I was pregnant. I would not even have known until much later if not that my long-time doctor and friend forced me to do a pregnancy test when I was busy treating ‘stubborn malaria’.”

Speaking on the effects of breastfeeding on her boobs, the actress said,

”I am breastfeeding heavily and I am already seeing the sagging effects but I don’t care. To me, the breasts were made for this purpose, so why hoard it from my own child.”

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On her journey to motherhood, she shares:

”Motherhood is the highest sense of responsibility and it requires changes, especially with one’s first child. I waited for about seven years (before having this child).

My advice to awaiting mothers is that they should take their minds off the issue and relax. It is a tough advice that almost sounds crazy but that was the advice I got from my sister-in-law years ago.

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She is also a polycystic ovary syndrome conqueror. It worked back then but I lost the pregnancies. Then, I threw away her advice and naturally became anxious. Anxiety turned to desperation and I did take in again, even with the drugs I was taking then. It was not until last year that I finally learnt to relax. Let go and let God.”

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