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‘Beware Of Snacking Trap’ -Lepacious Bose On How To Stay Consistent When On A Weight Loss Journey

‘Beware Of Snacking Trap’ -Lepacious Bose On How To Stay Consistent When On A Weight Loss Journey

Nigerian comedienne, Bose Ogunboye, popularly known as Lepacious Bose has continued to share tips on how to stay consistent when on a weight loss journey.

In a post on Instagram, the actress and entertainer who has been able to impact positively in the life of people by constantly sharing her own weight loss journey, cautioned women to beware of the snacking trap if they truly want to drop that weight.

Here is her post:

“Beware of the snacking trap!

The urge to snack is real—trust me, I know! It is real for EVERYONE! No one is stronger than a snack!!!

The next time you feel the urge to reach for that bag of chips, cookie, gala, biscuit and even peanuts, ask yourself this: Are you snacking because you’re tired or bored (or in my case most times angry or sad)  or hungry?

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If the answer is that you’re tired/bored/angry/sad….. then go for a 15-minute walk if your schedule allows for it.

If not just step outside for a few minutes and pace; You’ll probably find that the outdoor air refreshes you and fulfills that snacking urge. Then drink water and say your affirmation quietly!

Always remember that going to the gym is not an excuse to snack! Workout HELPS Weight loss it does not erase accumulated calories. You lose weight by calorie DEFICIT!

It is wisdom to think of your snack as a MEAL! Don’t underestimate the power of a handful of nuts or a pack of crackers!! Don’t be fooled into thinking “if it is healthy then I can eat as much as I want” mentality!!

I used to binge on coconuts in the name of it was healthy, I paid the price after a few months. I have a friend that would finish a whole bottle of groundnuts during office hours and say it is snack!

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Two packs of plantain Chips in traffic is over 250 calories, yet you are going to eat “portion controlled “ Eba/rice when you get home.
It is important to plan even your snacks, don’t be spontaneous with it! Include it in your total calorie intake for the day. Note that snacks are not void calories, because they are not “food“ does not mean they are not “food” …think of them as food!!

Do you know one simple butter mint/Tomtom/gum etc is between 5-15 calories depending on which? How many do you eat a day?

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As much as possible put your snack on a plate, yes! Except you are on the road,it gives you a mental sense that it is food! Even if your are snacking on nuts, watermelon etc when you plate it, your brain accepts it as food not snack.

Don’t go to the fridge, to take a handful every 10 mins! Take the portion you want on a plate and CLOSE THE DOOR!!
Wishing you wholeness ??.”


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