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Dear MIMsters: Is My Marriage Certificate Valid In Court?

Dear MIMsters: Is My Marriage Certificate Valid In Court?

I am 25-years-old and a mother of 2 kids; a boy and a girl. I had both a church and traditional wedding when I got married. My husband and I have been separated for over 3 years now and to date, I don’t know what I did wrong that has caused the separation.

He came up with something last year as his reason for losing interest in the marriage and wants my family to return the bride price. I have prayed, slept in churches, fasted, done midnight prayers, and all manner of prayers for this marriage to work.

I have begged and begged him to consider his decision if not for anything but for the sake of the kids, yet he has refused. He took our daughter and left me with the boy. The boy was barely 6 months old since the separation and since then, he has never supported the child’s upkeep.

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I am a student and with the help of my father, I was able to continue going to school and taking care of my baby upkeep.

I need advice because he is seriously demanding for the bride price without saying anything about divorce. The certificate of marriage was issued to us at the Anglican Church where we wedded and it bears THE MARRIAGE ACT AND NIGERIAN COAT OF ARM.

He said he didn’t do a court wedding, so he has nothing to do with divorce. He just wants us to return the bride price and let us set ourselves free. At this point I’m confused. I’ve thought of the whole thing but there has been no peace.

We do not flow as couples do, (maybe it is because of the age difference). We do not discuss or go out together as a couple. He has beaten me twice and I have never had a say in the family. So, I decided that I am also done. Let’s end everything for my own peace of mind. I escaped depression when he threw me and my baby out of the house.

But how do I go about the divorce thing? I don’t want to have problems with him in the future over the marriage certificate. Now, is it true that the court has nothing to do in my case as there was no court wedding? Will the marriage certificate I have be acknowledged in court if I decide to file for a divorce? Or I should just return the bride price and forget about the divorce process?

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I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m getting frustrated by the day each time I think about myself and see wedding pictures or couples together, I’m sad and feel like I’ve failed in life. I need help honestly. I’m just a 25-year-old student from an average family. I can’t even afford the finances accompanying a divorce process nor can I even pay a lawyer. I need honest advice from Mimsters. I’m not finding it funny anymore. I need my life back.

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