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Celebrity Mum, Jamie Otis Serves Major Inspiration As She Shares Message About Body Confidence With Fellow Mums

Celebrity Mum, Jamie Otis Serves Major Inspiration As She Shares Message About Body Confidence With Fellow Mums

Jamie Otis, a dynamic American TV personality, registered nurse, entrepreneur, and TV host shared a body positive message telling followers they don’t need to “suck it in” for summer.

The “Married at First Sight” star who has two children with her husband Doug Hehner, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a video of her proudly showing off her natural body with an inspiring message about body confidence during the warmer months.

In the clip, the 35-year-old walked along the water wearing a teal and white polka dot crop top, white bikini bottoms and an ivory sun hat. She filmed herself playfully performing to a voice over that said,

“Suck it in … I’m not sucking it in! … Why? … Real stomach is coming back, OK?”

“Have you ever been told to do this? When I was younger I always heard this — and I wasn’t even fat,”

she captioned the video.

“It gave me a complex about my body and made me overthink what I’d eat, the size of my clothes, how much I exercised — and I was only like 115 to 120 lbs [52 to 54 kg].”

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The reality star continued:

“So for those of you who say ‘but you aren’t even big,’ the size of someone’s body doesn’t mean anything about how they feel about it. Or what they’re told about it.

“Gone are the days I’m gonna hide behind a towel or not even go swimming because I don’t think I’m skinny enough.”

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Otis concluded her post with a powerful reminder to let go of negative thoughts surrounding our bodies. She wrote:

“That period of life is over for me. I’m breaking that cycle for me and for my babies. I hope by sharing these ‘body love/body [positive]’ messages every week or so it helps encourage others to break that cycle too, because man, it is toxic,”

The reality star, who also appeared on season 16 of “The Bachelor,” has previously spoken about her body image issues. Earlier this month, Otis posted a video of herself tucking her stomach into her underwear followed by a compilation of hiking clips with her and her children.

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Otis captioned the post,

“TBH, lately I don’t always like my new body after having babies and I rarely feel sexy with this ‘mom pouch’ that hangs out, but right now I feel pretty dang proud! I grew both of my babies in that ‘mom pouch’ and now I’ve carried both of ’em on my back hiking all across America.”

She continued with a message to mothers, writing,

“Mamas, we may be softer and squishier than we once were, but we are also stronger too. If you’re feeling down, just tuck that mom pouch in, grab your babies (even if they’re big now) and get out of the house! Life’s too short to let a mom pouch stop us from realizing our strength.”

Fans loved the inspirational post, praising Otis for her transparency and vulnerability.

“Love this vulnerable video! Live your life as you are because you are loved and you are enough!” commented a fan.

“I really needed this reminder. I spent most of my teens years battling with body image issues and I still struggle,” someone else admitted. “This is so important for so many people, and these posts are changing lives!”

“This is so real and I truly appreciate how open you are on social media. We need to enjoy life and not care what people think!” wrote another.

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