Premarital Sex Reduces Marriage Chances of Ladies – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, host of a Christian TV Show has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts and also give some advice to women who engage in premarital sex.

According to him, when a woman engages in premarital sex with a man, it dramatically reduces the chance of the man getting married to her.

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”The problem with premarital sex is even if it leads to marriage, you already set a precedent that sex outside marriage is okay.

How a man thinks: If she allows me sleep with her without marrying her, why do I have to marry her after sleeping with her?

Women, Every time you allow a man sleep with you before marriage, you dramatically reduce the chances that he will marry you.

It’s painful to watch a man who recklessly had premarital sex with you marry a girl who refused to let him do the same to her.

Every year, more virgins get married than prostitutes, proving that sex is not an effective inducement of marriage as virtues.”

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Who else agrees with him?

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