8 Love Making Positions That Guarantee Multiple Orgasms

Sex is a mandatory component of marital bliss. Not just the act of it, but doing it in such a way that both parties are mutually satisfied at the end of the day. It’s kind of easier for men to reach orgasms than it is for women. However, with some tweaking and styles, both husband and wife can enjoy sex with multiple orgasms.

Try these positions to reach satisfactory levels of orgasm.


1. Reverse Cowgirl

Your partner lies on his back on any flat surface while you sit astride him facing his legs. The position allows for deep penetration but also gives you (the woman) control over the speed and depth. There’s also strong clitoral stimulation that takes you there.

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2. Face off

The man sits on the edge of the bed while she sits facing him for penetration. The sensation she receives from her clitoris rubbing against his pelvis is enough to send her to the nine planets of pleasure and back. This position is kind of tasking for the man as he has to hold himself upright while supporting her weight.

3. Doggy style

This is another old and common trick in the book. She takes her position on her hands and knees while he kneels and enters her from behind. It’s easy to hit the G-spot in this position and he can also lean forward to smooch her breasts as he goes through the motions. She can also change her position by dipping her back or getting off her hands enabling his penis to massage/hit other spots in her vagina.

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4. Leap frog

It’s a variation of the doggy style, but in this position, she is on her hands and feet while he is on his feet, knees slightly bent to achieve penetration. He can hit the G-spot reaching under to stimulate her clitoris with his fingers. This heightened pleasure helps her reach climax/orgasm easily.

5. Reverse scoop

This one spells intimacy through and through as it allows for full-bodied closeness, contact and stimulation of all the sensitive parts. Both partners lie side to side, facing each other as he enters her. Thrusting is usually slow & sensual and allows for a lot of grinding, smooching and kissing, all of which leads to rewards of orgasmic proportions.

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6. The pinball wizard

An interesting name for a sex position, she lies on her back and opens her legs. He kneels in between them, lifts and holds her waist for penetration, thrusting and/or grinding. Penetration is and the sensations are off the chart. He can also move her body up and down, against his.

7. The Lotus positions

He sits upright legs folded in the lotus position while she sits on his thighs and wraps her legs around his waist. She can move across him until they’re both embracing each other. She does most of the pelvic movement, grinding, moving back and forth or in tight circles while he kisses her lips, face, neck and breasts. Multiple orgasms can be reached.

These are not the only positions that can guarantee you having multiple orgasms, there a more simple and complex positions. You don’t have to stay stuck with any one as variety is the spice of life. You may have a favorite position or two though. Just go ahead and make sure you and your partner are making the most of your sex life.

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