Nigerian Caterer Ends One-year-old Marriage Due to Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is becoming a common occurrence in the world today and it is refreshing to see victims of the abuse voice out rather instead of staying silent.

After one year of enduring abuse in her one year marriage, Joan, who is a caterer has summoned up courage to speak out and to also leave her abusive marriage.

The Chef took to her Twitter account to make this revelation in a couple of tweets in which she chose life over the to stereotype placed by society which is in this case, her marriage.

Her tweets attracted words of encouragement from other users who complimented her bravery and courage to leave an abusive environment.

See tweets below…

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We commend Joan for rising above the norms, by making this bold step to choose life above societal expectations.
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“Nigerian Caterer Ends One-year-old Marriage Due to Domestic Violence”

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