Woman Told Motherhood Was a Dream in Her Distant Future After a Spinal Cord Injury Defies Doctors

Blessing Chiamaka Joseph was involved in a car accident alongside her brother that almost claimed their lives. She didn’t die but was left with a doctor’s report that would threaten her dream of becoming a mother anytime soon.

In her testimonial, Blessing said after her involvement in a ghastly accident that left her with spinal cord injuries, doctors told her that she won’t be able to have any kids until in five years but they were wrong.

Blessing got married soon after her accident, got pregnant and gave birth safely.

In less than three years, she became the proud mother of two.

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Read her story below…

”Thanksgiving…! It’s the fifth year, I had terrible accident with my elder brother Uzoemeka Tochukwu that almost claimed our lives, but our lives being hidden in Christ were saved! I was most badly injured.

Glasses of windscreen pieced through my eyes, and I sustained a spine injury. For the months I battled with pains and hurt, my God surrounded me with lovely family and his grace was sure enough!

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I miraculously got healed. Though I’m left using glasses for my affected eyes, then little surfacing pains @spine from time to time, I’m fine by the stripes of JESUS CHRIST!

Relating to the accident, my doctor told me my fate to have a child was from 5years above, but God broke the protocol, I got married a year after the plight, got pregnant, not just that pregnancy, but within 3 years, became proud mother of children, in less than the 5 years the doctor stated, and still counting.

If death couldn’t hold JESUS in the grave, it is Blessing Chiamaka Joseph that spine will hold from attaining dreams? No way! I publicize you JESUS, you continue to be God over my life and family, and those who truly believe and follow you! No mortal speaks when God hasn’t commanded!”

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