Nigerian LGBT Woman, Cyn, Reveals How Her Mum Reacted When She Came Out Of The Closet

Nigerian LGBT woman simply identified as @Cynnerr on Twitter has shared an exciting story about her sexuality and how she summoned courage to come out to her mom about it.

She said contrary to her fears, her mom not only approved of her but also told her that in simple terms: “It doesn’t change my love for you.”

According to her, her hilarious mom asked for a gift of wine after she had given her a big hug.

Read her tweets below:

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“I officially came out to my mom this morning ???????????????? It’s a thread guys ????????

“so I know she’s chill with the gays and felt like she’s know I was a little gay for a while and apparently I’m right”

“So I’m like “Shola, I want to tell you something” And she’s like okay what?”

“And I start stuttering which is so uncharacteristic of me lmao, she gets worried and asks “Are you PREGNANT?????”

“and I’m like “see my face omg” I have period breakouts lol ????

“And then she’s like “Okay so what is it” And I’m like “I’m about to come out to you” And she’s looking annoyed now so after like five minutes of going “Uhhmmm” I tell her “I dont know if you already know but I like girls the way I like boys, I like both of them”

“And she looks at me for a moment and is like “Can I make you change?”, and I was like “no loll, you can’t, I only told you because I thought you’re okay with it, and I don’t care if it’s an as long as its not a family member, I’m okay with it thing, I just wanted to tell u”

“And she’s silent for a while, and Im already preparing to be a hard guy and tell her I don’t care about her opinion when she says “I noticed it since last year, it’s like when I felt you get disvirgined” And I’m like OMG please no????????

“And then she’s like “it doesn’t change my love for you. I love you and while I’m surprised and and I wasn’t expecting it, I love you first” and y’all I cried ????????????????

“And then after we hugged she goes “well you need to bribe me” and I’m like “why are you like this SMH, what do you want?” And the woman wants me to get her wine SMH, I’m tired ????????????

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