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Must Read: Twitter User Shares How Her Mum Finally Walked Out Of An Abusive Marriage

A Twitter user identified as @Annhkay, has taken to social media to share her mother’s painful experience in an abusive marriage and how she left her abuser.

According to the young lady, her mum was a strong independent woman but lost all of that in the relationship until she decided to walk out of the marriage. She added that her mother took her and her sister and left their step father, without a single penny.

Read the tweets below;

”My mother was in an abusive marriage; I watched a powerful independent woman get demeaned and lose her strength. She stayed for a million reasons, she was physically and mentally distorted. Then one day she came home asked me to pack my bags, grabbed my sister and never returned.

She left my step dad with everything and started afresh. She never got a penny from him and when I think about how abusive he was not once did anyone fight for her to leave him. “The children” was always thrown in her face and she stayed for them. Until it got worse.

I keep thinking about what it took Babes to actually gather the courage to show the world how she’s being hurt. I have never been in an abusive relationship but I saw one and the strength it takes for an abused woman to put herself out there to get help is undescribeable.

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That was her ticket to leaving, her call for help and anyone who tries to shame her or make up excuses for why she didn’t leave are fucking insensitive and should never speak about abuse. So many women being abused are seeing this and our reaction to this might help millions.”

She went on to urge women around the world to offer help and solutions to these women who are stuck in such abusive relationships.

”She represents so many broken women who need that final push & encouragement to help them leave their abusers. So offer help by giving these women solutions & places that help women stuck in such relationships. House them, hire them, do everything to help & arrest their abusers.

I can’t stand those “build him and struggle with him” teachings. Just another way to romanticise Poverty. Instead of building men or struggling with them go out there and build your damn self, struggle for you instead of investing time in men who will eventually leave you.”

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@Annhkay shared her mom’s story following the news of how South African singer, Babes Wodumo, was physically abused by her DJ boyfriend, Mampintsha, and the incident, was captured on Instagram live video.

The video outrage a lot of people with some, sharing experiences of their own.

See screenshots below…



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