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Dear MIMsters: Fire On The Mountain As My Sister’s Husband Ought to Be Jailed

I’m in my early 30’s and I am the first child. My sister’s husband should be jailed.

My immediate younger sister, Koko who is in her late 20s is married with three kids. My sister, Yada who is now 16 went to live with them in one of the cities in the East when she was eleven. After a few years, they sent her back to the village saying she couldn’t cope with boarding school problems, though she continued visiting them during her holidays.

In July, I found out that Yada was physically abused on some occasions by Koko’s husband. Yada never told anyone because Koko’s husband would threaten to kill himself, his wife and the kids if she ever told anyone and would beg after making those threats. All we knew was that he’s a serial cheat.

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When we heard about the beatings, my parents did everything possible to have a family meeting with them and the man’s parents, but he blatantly refused, saying he won’t sit with anyone for any meeting that they can and have settled their issues by themselves.

In August, a little girl living with Koko opened up to my sister that Koko’s husband has been molesting her since she was eleven to the extent of going anal with her. At ten, he romanced her one night as they were sleeping in one room in the village before he built his own house. She talked about how he promised her many things and threatened her. She spoke of how after her visitation, he would take her to his house in the village, have sex with her before taking her home.

It is now that Koko is telling us the main reason she sent Yada home. She said that she once caught her husband trying to touch this little girl when she was sleeping. A big fight ensued because of it and he knelt down to thank God that she came early before anything happened.

Koko sent the little girl back to prevent anything from happening without knowing it had already started and it continued thereafter.

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Now, we have taken this case to human rights and he denied the allegations. The case was adjourned. Since the adjournment, he has been sending family and friends to plead that the case be settled out of court and called for a family meeting. He is saying that he will apologize if he did wrong.

Some family members are worried about the following…
– how my sister’s marriage will continue if her husband goes to jail
– the stigma it will have on my little sister
– if Koko can cope with 3 kids
– how their children will suffer
– how he can easily win the case because he has the money, family name etc.

We have turned down his plea but the pressure is too much. Note: he is a serial woman who never uses protection and kept giving my little sister drugs to prevent pregnancy. We need advice please, thanks.

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