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“Kumuyi, I will hold you responsible” – Distraught Mom Of Molested Deeper Life School Boy, Don Davis Cries Out Again

Deborah Okezie, mother of Don Davis Archibong, the JSS 1 student of the Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, who has been making headlines for weeks now, following his 11-year-old son’s assault in the school, has cried out again!

Mrs. Okezie who had always utilized her Facebook page in her quest for justice for her son has now revealed that the Facebook account has been disabled, and this is coming after the removal of the video she made recently about her son’s ordeal at the school.

The distraught mother alleged that people she believes are supporters of the Deeper Life Church reported the video to Facebook.

Okezie further alleged that some members of the Deeper Life High school went to her last child’s nursery school to inquire about her home address.

In a video shared yesterday on another page she uses, Mrs Okezie said she will hold the senior pastor of the church, Williams Kumuyi and the school management responsible should anything happen to her children.

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In her words:

”Deeper Lift High School people went to my little baby’s school to make enquiry about my address. The reason I don’t know. You want to disable my Facebook and come and kill me inward? People should not know what happened to me?

If you get a hold of this video, share it. If you disable this one, I will come out of another angle and I will keep coming out until Don Davis gets justice since I don’t have anybody to speak for me. Foreign countries come and speak for me. They are disabling my account.

Why are they going to my baby’s school to ask about my address. A whole church. What for?

”Why are they going to my children’s school to make enquiries about me? Why was my account deleted? I have been making posts and advertising my products on that account, why has it not been disabled all this while? Why now? If there is nothing you are hiding, why are you trying to shut me up? They want to shut me up so people can believe I have taken compensation. I did not demand money from anybody.”

If anything happens to my children, Deeper Life and Kumuyi, I will hold you responsible.”

She told Saharareporters that the more her accounts were disabled, the more drive she would have to use other platforms to demand justice.

“As you are disabling my account, you are opening up my head to think of other things. My voice can never be silenced, you can’t lock the accounts of all Nigerians.”

Okezie also added that an appointment she was billed to have with the commissioner of police was slated for Tuesday, today.

“I am going with my lawyer and my family. We are going to the commissioner of police’s office. I will let you know how it goes. If you don’t hear from me, it’s either I’m in jail or I have been silenced.”

You will recall that Archibong, the JSS 1 student of the Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, was allegedly abused molested by some senior pupils and a teacher of the school.

The teenager narrated how two pupils in his dormitory sexually assaulted him by putting their hands in his anus whenever others were sleeping.

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In the video moderated by his mother, Don Davis added that the two bullies whom he simply identified as Ola and Shalom, threatened to kill him if he ever reported the incident to the school authorities.

Davis further explained that because he was a bed-wetter, he was allegedly assaulted by one of his teachers, whom he identified as Akpan, saying he beat him with anything he sees, – belt, stick and stones.

Following this revelation, Nigerians have called on the general superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church Pastor William Kumuyi to personally probe the alleged abuse of the pupil in his school in Akwa Ibom State.

Watch the video Mrs Okezie shared Here.

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