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Double Arrival: See Why 2017 Has Been an Incredibly Special Year for This Young Couple!

It’s a double Christmas cheer for Beth Evans and Liam Hale, who welcomed two babies in the same year. Both babies were born in 2017 just 11 months apart. Mum, Beth, 21, gave birth to her first child, Haydn, on

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Tragic! Mum Falls Asleep While Feeding her Baby at Night…What Happens Next is Heartbreaking

A newborn baby girl less than one month old has died after her mother accidentally fell asleep while she was feeding her in the middle of the night. Metro UK reports that the little girl, who was just 25 days old

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7 Common Breastfeeding Problems & Solutions

By Ebube Imana As natural as breastfeeding ought to be, it is fraught with so many challenges which can be very discouraging, even to a determined mother. It’s important for every nursing mother to realize that successful breastfeeding is a

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