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10 Habits To Pursue If You Are Working On Your Marriage

There is the initial energy that propels a couple into deciding to spend forever together, sadly, that energy will not perpetually remain at its peak – whether it is driven by love or attraction. Thankfully, however, there’s always room to

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10 Parenting Styles of African Parents That Have Robbed Us (Part One)

There has been so much joking around about the method of parenting in African homes, meanwhile, it is not funny. If you are a child or were once a child, that is what you will always be to most African parents;

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Dear MIMsters: My Wonderful Husband Is Ruining Our Home With His Habits

I’m married to a wonderful man but sometimes things just get too tough because we have many misunderstandings. Whenever there is a misunderstanding between us, he always calls the police. When police comes, they just laugh it off and go

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8 Crucial Habits You Really Need to Help Your Kids Cultivate

Each day offers a fresh opportunity to push harder at helping your kids cultivate habits that will positively impact their overall life, both now and in the future. Though doing this can be overwhelming, you must realize it’s a lot

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5 Common Habits That Will Make You Age

Eyinade Eweje Most women try all they can to look radiant, elegant and youthful. However, some often overlooked habits besides smoking and excessive alcohol consumption may sabotage the expected results of your consistent beauty routine and make you age quicker.

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