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It’s The Most Unlikely Thing But Mums Recommend Hair Comb Helps With Labour Pain

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is packing your hospital bag so you can pick it in one ready move when the D-day arrives. While you are packing all the important stuff like pyjamas, wrappers, toiletries and

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Dear MIMsters: My Mother Is Mean To My Daughter and I

I actually had a rough childhood growing up with my mum because she is mean. Always has been. My mum always poured her anger and frustration on me for reasons best know to her. When I was as young as

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Dear MIMsters: How Can I Forgive My Mummy?

My mummy is wicked and heartless. She had me out of wedlock and after many years got married to another man who was a teacher. That was when my suffering started. When she was about to give birth to her

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