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How Men Are Damaging Their Fertility When They Use Smartphone At Night- Study

Men might want to think twice before reaching for their smartphone at night. A new study found correlations between electronic media use at night and poor sperm quality. Preliminary results show that greater self-reported exposure to light-emitting media devices in

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Nigerian Mom Educates Parents On How To Build A Gadget-free Home & It Is Apt

Technology has done a lot to make our lives easier and more efficient. Yet as a parent, you ought to weigh the possible impact a device, such as smartphones could have on your child. At a time when it is

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Why A Psychiatrist, Dr. Jon Goldin Advise Parents Not To Give Smartphones To Children Under 11

A psychiatrist, Dr. Jon Goldin is advising parents not to give their children smartphones before they get into high school. Dr. Jon Goldin, a leading Royal College psychiatrist claims that parents are usually forced into buying these devices for their young

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5 Ways To Make Internet Use Safer For Your Kids

Matthew Imerhion The internet is the go-to spot for almost anything nowadays. On the flip side, people have also been robbed, emotionally and physically abused while others have been morally corrupted. How then do we make the Internet safe for

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