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Tonto Dikeh’s Estranged Husband, Olakunle Churchill, Tells his Side of Story in Explosive Interview

Tonto Dikeh’s Estranged Husband, Olakunle Churchill, Tells his Side of Story in Explosive Interview

Finally, Tonto Dikeh‘s estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill, is telling his own side of the story in his marriage crisis saga.

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In an interview with Media Room Hub TV, he makes some strong allegations about his wife, including claims that Tonto consumed drugs and alcohol. He said that while she was pregnant, she was the perfect wife but things suddenly changed after the birth of their son, King. See video below

Media Room Hub TV, provided key excerpts of the interview via their Instagram page as follows:

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  • Churchill and Tonto met 2 and a half years ago at Escape Nightclub in Lagos during his brother’s birthday party
  • Tonto got pregnant 6 months after they met
  • That triggered him to take the next step by going to her village to pay her bride price
  • Churchill has been “into real estate since he was 22 years ago”
  • When he met Tonto, he had 4 companies, now he has 6 companies
  • He says Tonto definitely did not “make him successful”
  • Regarding the “Ghana incident” when Tonto allegedly got arrested
  • Tonto got angry because he wanted to go for a friend’s house warming
  • She jumped his fence after tearing down the security system
  • She then went into the house and destroyed property
  • He was not home at the time and he called the Police
  • She was rude to the Police chief at the station and even spat at Police officers
  • He claims he deleted photos from the incident to attempt to protect Tonto
  • He wrote a withdrawal letter to the Police in an attempt to prevent Tonto from being jailed. He also paid for her to be bailed.
  • Tonto allegedly apologized and “promised not to go back to drugs”
  • 3 weeks after this incident, Tonto got pregnant
  • He talked about “crisis” Tonto experiences due to “negative intakes” such as Alcohol and Drugs – this makes her uncontrollable “6 men can’t hold her down” during these “crises”
  • Tonto was “a perfect woman” all through her pregnancy
  • Tonto allegedly became erratic once again after she came back to Nigeria 4 months after the birth of King
  • According to Churchill, Tonto has damaged 66 Million Naira worth of property till date
  • Churchill says he has tried to “revive her” to the person she was while she was pregnant
  • He has someone in Tonto’s inner circle who monitors Tonto and gives him updates including when Tonto attempts to blackmail him etc…
  • Churchill disputes claims that he has “hit King” as claimed by Tonto
  • He played an audio recording of a conversation between himself and King’s nanny
    • During the call, he lamented about being denied access to King. This happened a day before King’s birthday
  • On Tonto’s domestic violence allegations, he claims he did not hit her.

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