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Parent Abuse: See What This Boy Did To His Mum In Supermarket!

Parent Abuse: See What This Boy Did To His Mum In Supermarket!

Parent Abuse seems to be common these days and one begins to wonder what factors are causing this anomaly.

Parent abuse is not an argument or disagreement, nor is it an anger management issue. It is control and power that the young adult wants to have over their parent. They control, manipulate and try to intimidate.

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Parent abuse is any act of a young adult that is intended to cause physical, emotional or financial damage to gain power and control over a parent or any behaviour that is deliberately harmful to the parent. The abuse usually begins verbally and emotionally and then may become physical.

Recall we showed you a video of a teenager punching in mum in the face, and now we have another sad one of a younger child attacking his mother shared by Wale Gates on Twitter.

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What really is the cause of parental abuse? How can parents avoid such happening to them?

Have you ever experienced parent abuse first hand or you know someone who is facing this? Please tell us your story.

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