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“This marriage thing please, how does it pay Nigerian women?” Woman Questions Men?

“This marriage thing please, how does it pay Nigerian women?” Woman Questions Men?

A Nigerian woman on her Twitter page questions why most marriages in Africa, precisely Nigeria are patterned the way they are.

The woman, who is a feminist is questioning why women who keep full time jobs are also expected to be solely bear the burden of running the children and thier households while the men watch football.

She wrote….

”This marriage thing please, how does it pay women? You leave the comfort of your daddy’s house to wake up to cook for someone. You both go to work, both come back and you (only you) are cooking again.

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Then on Saturday. You cook, clean, laundry and he gets to choose if he’s watching the game or hanging with his boys.

If you have kids, you have to watch them and care for them. But both of you will go to work on Monday. Sunday afternoon, he’s watching Supersports or napping after Church.

You’re in the kitchen again. Only you. Tomorrow morning you (alone) will bathe the kids & make breakfast before you both go to work. And this is a simple situation.

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It’s more complicated when he’s the type that won’t eat frozen food, doesn’t think you need a house help, and will never touch anything domestic.

How does this marriage thing pay working women? I’m not even try to start an argument but I just want to hear the opinion of men about this and if they think it’s fair that both of us should work outside but only one of us should work inside the home.

Why would anyone want to be a Nigerian wife? It’s fucking inconvenient! Imagine being so comfortable living with your parents, why would you leave that to take care of a grown man?

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Ew… I’m actually so fucking perplexed because men call women the weaker sex but we do all the fucking housework. If you’re so strong, why aren’t you doing dishes, mopping, and pounding yam?”

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  • Good question. I do not envy the Nigerian wife at all. I mean how can someone live all their life that way. No wonder an average married Nigerian woman looks older than her age.

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