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The Wellingtons Celebrate 1st ‘Tradiversary’ With Sweet Words To Each Other

The Wellingtons Celebrate 1st ‘Tradiversary’ With Sweet Words To Each Other

The Wellingtons, Olubankole ‘Banky W’ , 37, and his beautiful wife, Adesua Etomi ,30, celebrate 1-year ‘tradiversary’ with kind words to each other.

The duo, who took the social media by storm in 2017, when they announced their engagement had the talk-of-the-town wedding parties shortly after the announcement.

Today, their traditional wedding party -the very one that revealed ‘asoebi power dressers’ amongst the celebrities– is a year old, and the couple seized the opportunity to verbally ‘wow’ each other, not forgetting to give their followers a feel of their love.

In Banky W’s words, the decision to wait till he found Adesua is by far the best decision he has made in his adult life, while Adesua wrote that a year ago, she was sure that she loved him as much as she thought was humanly possible but one year after, she realized that she was so wrong because she loves him so much more.

Check out their posts below:

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By far the best decision I have made in my adult life, was to wait until I found my wife. People will pressure you and try to make you feel inadequate or incomplete.. all because you’re not living according to their own mental timetable. Ignore them.

Focus on your journey, your happiness, and on making yourself a better person. My prayer is that you will discover, like I did, that the right person is worth waiting for.
Mrs W… I’m still amazed that I get to call you mine. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for building with me. Thank you for believing in me and for inspiring me to be a better man. My purpose partner, my rock, my destiny, my Shug, my wife, my life… Happy tradiversary Skuu. Love you SCATTER. ???????????????????? #BAAD2017 SCATTER. ???????????????????? #BAAD2018

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On this day, the quiet moments were the best. Moments when I felt like it was just you and I. I thought back on the tough months we had before this day (surgery And healing) and how God brought us through. He’s still keeping us and he has given us the most beautiful life.
A year ago, I was sure that I loved you as much as I thought was humanly possible. A year later and I realise that I was so wrong. I love you so much more. Thank you for stretching my heart muscles and being such an amazing human being and husband. My husband. Still in awe of the man that you are. There’s nothing more amazing than waking up and seeing you right next to me. I love you more than I can put into words. My purpose partner, my guy, my lover (slurp????????), my bubba.
You were worth the wait.
Happy tradiversary honey @bankywellington

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Congratulations, Banky W & Adesua Wellington.

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