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Actress, Omoni Oboli Recounts Her Past Hustles As She Attempts To Inspire Instagram Beggar

Actress, Omoni Oboli Recounts Her Past Hustles As She Attempts To Inspire Instagram Beggar

Star actress and mother of three, Omoni Oboli lost patience with an Instagram user who is allegedly in the habit of begging for money in the comment sections of any posts she makes.

The Instagram user @bleble808, who seemed to have a custom message which she used to solicit for one thousand Naira, for reason that she is hungry, finally got checked by the actress.

While stating that she was by no means trying to put her down or sabotage her ‘hustle’, Omoni used her own humble beginnings to charge the Instagram user to productive behaviours.

The award winning actress, took a screenshot of her reaction to @bleble808, and made a seperate post on it, to further speak on the irritation of constant begging.

Read what she wrote Below:

These are the issues…

I have never responded to begging comments ever because I know first hand that we’ve all needed a little assistance and maybe even still do so we have to ask but…

You are asking for assistance for what exactly? What is the end game? Is it to start a business that will eventually give you some financial freedom? If so, fantastic! I applaud you! 

When it becomes a lifestyle is when it gets worrisome. How do you for months or years drop the same comment on hundreds or thousands of posts? It reminds me of those days nicely dressed guys would come to you outside business places and say they lost their wallet and they just needed transport fare. You will then know you’ve been had, when the same guy meets you the following week with the exact same story. It’s now online. 

We all know country hard. Leave o, it’s really hard for many people and we try in our small capacity to help as many people as we can…But if you are an able bodied young person, think of what you can do and then you can beg for the money to do it. I know free money is sweet. Believe me, as hard as I work for my money, the kind of dance I dance when I get free money nor be here but…there’s dignity in making your own money. Dignity in doing something that will not only give you money but bring satisfaction and fulfillment. 

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My darling young lady deleted her comment after my response to her. Luckily I had screenshot it. I had thought she would come to my DM asking for assistance to start something but she deleted her comment. What does that tell you? 

Please my fellow hustlers, nobody owes anybody anything! Stand up and do something! God bless our hustle.

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